Loyalty Program Design & Optimization

Loyalty programs touch and impact a company’s most valuable customers and require significant commitment and financial investment. 

The Mallett Group assists clients in developing and enhancing their loyalty program by providing guidance and strategy and advising where and how to maximize the value of their loyalty marketing investments. 

TMG has developed two methodologies to assess the strength of a loyalty program. 

1. Our Program Assessment for Loyalty Marketing (PALM), which provides a disciplined and consistent methodology for reviewing a loyalty program's commercial performanceincluding the following: 

  • Measure and quantify the business impact of an existing loyalty program 
  • Benchmark the program against relevant industry standards 
  • Set forth/maintain a compelling consumer value proposition 
  • Measure return on investment 

2. Our Investment Optimization (IO) tool evaluates and assesses the efficacy of a loyalty program's financial structure through an assessment of the Progran's Balance Sheet, including the following: 

  • Cumulative points liability and offsetting asset reserves 
  • Breakage methodology and calculation 
  • Redeemed Point Cost (RPC) optimization

Our goal is to ensure your loyalty program is delivering the business results you expect. 


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