In the early 1980s, the now iconic American AAdvantage frequent flyer program and Marriott's Honored Guest Awards program were pioneers in the loyalty program arena. Today, loyalty programs are ubiquitous in travel and hospitality because they are significant drivers of revenue and profit. Not unexpectedly, with success also come challenges. Most programs have reached a level of maturity where differentiation is difficult and expensive. Consumers have more choices and more information making them more discriminating with higher expectations of the companies they do business with. 

The Mallett Group is uniquely established in the travel and hospitality industry. Not only to the Managing Partners have decades of experience creating, developing, and managing well-known loyalty programs, several Principal Consultants come directly from the field and bring with them years of loyalty program experience. 

Our expertise and experience include: 

  • Loyalty Marketing Strategy 
  • Loyalty Program Development 
  • Social Media Strategy and Integration
  • Technology Assessment, Selection and Deployment 
  • Partnership Marketing 
  • Loyalty Program Optimization 
  • Loyalty Financial Management 
  • Program Measurement and Analysis 


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