Program Asessment for Loyalty Marketing (PALM): A premier service exclusive to the Mallett Group

The Mallett Group has the ability to conduct both full and partial loyalty program evaluations.
Our assessment consists of best-in-market comparisons, solution focused recommendations as
well as segmented program enhancements. The goal of the Program Assessment for Loyalty Marketing (PALM) is to provide an objective overview, give an industry perspective and/or fill a particular need of a program, thereby advising the program host of better options to contain costs while delivering added value to members.

Our Methodology


  • The ability to measure, quantify and benchmark a frequency/loyalty program within an industry landscape adds value to the program and its corporate parent.
  • Program efficiency and efficacy are key parameters that enhance its value both internally and in the marketplace.
  • Frequency Programs need to be nurtured and maintained, constantly evaluating its core content, in response to a changing business environment.
  • An objective external audit can document both its inherent strengths and vulnerabilities and be solution focused in its recommendations and findings.
  • The Mallett Group has the resources and expertise to evaluate measure and make critical insights that will provide clients reflection and direction about their loyalty program.
  • Our goal is to provide an objective overview and industry perspective, not to evaluate the specific actions of a marketing organization.


  • Assess existing program content including:
    • Brand Perception
    • Earning Abilities
    • Award Structure
    • Program Levels
    • Partner Evaluations & Attendant ROI
    • Co-Brand Credit Card Agreement
    • Media and Print
    • Internal Marketing
    • External Marketing
    • Opportunity Pockets
    • Philosophy
    • Implementation and Delivery
  • Solution Focused product recommendations compared to the marketplace and PALM Critical Criteria for Frequency and Loyalty Programs.
  • External Resource evaluation
  • Industry referral services
  • Strategic support
  • Internal staffing evaluation and recommendations
  • Program planning and development

Program Metrics

Baseline data requirements include:

  • Period enrollments
  • Active members
  • Segments per active member
  • Total airline segments or hotel stays
  • Total member segments or hotel stays
  • Percentage of program segments or hotel stays
  • Reactivated members
  • Yield Analysis
  • Yield performance by tier
  • Population by tier
  • Revenue generated by tier
  • Program Performance Analysis and Liability
  • Population by currency accrued
  • Total accrued currency
  • Active vs. inactive ratio
  • Currency redeemed
  • Total liability
  • Revenue/Expense Analysis
  • Baseline award cost
  • Revenue attached to currency accrual
  • Award expense ratio to revenue
  • Liability Management

Additional Metrics:

  • Source of currency accrual
  • Industry Program Comparison
  • Partnerships
  • Social Media
  • Fulfillment
  • Technology
  • Agency engagement via RFP’s