Loyalty Support Services

A loyalty strategy behaves like the hub of a wheel with multiple spokes that connect to a wide and varied number of support components that enable the loyalty strategy and make it successful. To fulfill this need for supporting components, a multi-million dollar industry of Loyalty Support Services has emerged covering technology platforms, reward fulfillment, merchant partnerships, customer acquisition agencies, etc.   

The Mallett Group has served multiple clients in this sector over the years.  By applying the depth of experience of our Team with our extensive contacts throughout the Loyalty, Travel, Financial Services and Retail industries, The Mallett Group is uniquely poised to help companies in the Loyalty Support Services sector extend their offering and their reach.  

Our expertise and experience include: 

  • Refining corporate strategy to address new market opportunities 
  • Business development in support of new market or new sector entry  
  • Evaluation and execution of product extensions 
  • Brokering business partnerships to deliver merchant offers or to launch new capabilities
  • Procuring appropriate products and services to fulfill a need

TMG stands ready to bring your loyalty services to New Heights!


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