Putting Lasting Relationships First®

Joseph S. Mammano

Chairman Emeritus

What does loyalty mean to Joe?

It’s all about relationships. While Joe has certainly developed a well-known reputation in the loyalty marketing industry over his extensive career, what is most impressive about Joe is entirely personal. It’s true, if you know Joe, you know he loves his friends and cooking good food and sharing great experiences with them. What most people don’t realize, though, is that some of Joe’s dearest friends date as far back as elementary school. You could be at Joe’s home for the first time, experiencing the incredible generosity and warmth that surrounds you as you tour the 19th century homestead, sipping Joe’s favorite vintage wine and feeling as comfortable as if you were at home. Then, as you meet the other guests, you realize you’re the newbie. Joe is introducing you to his childhood friend and his college roommate and his former co-worker, all of which he has known for decades. It’s pretty incredible to think that as accomplished a businessman as he is, it all boils down to relationships. Cultivating them, nurturing them and keeping them.

There is no doubt as to why Joe is successful in the loyalty marketing business. It’s not just a business, for Joe, it’s personal.

Joe’s Experience:

  • ClarionDirect, Acting President and SVP: developed relationship marketing programs for client industries including: travel, financial services, entertainment, telecommunications, automotive and hi-tech.
  • Continental, Director of Marketing Programs, Alliances and Interline: guided the carrier’s OnePass frequent flyer program to its 5th and 6th consecutive designation as “Best Frequent Traveler Program” by the readers of Inside Flyer magazine. Joe negotiated all partnerships including airline, hotel, car rental, co-brand and telecommunications.
  • Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), Board of Directors
  • Turkish Airlines, Deputy Director USA
  • TWA, 18-year association: headed the marketing planning department and held positions in marketing, sales, planning, cargo, pricing, reservation and distribution.

Joe holds his undergraduate degree in Economics from Queens College, City University of New York.