Financial Services

It has been said, unfairly, that “customer loyalty” in financial services is an oxymoron. In an industry where customer interaction is extremely high there are many opportunities to surprise and delight customers. A Forrester Research study identified a key driver of deeper customer relationships as “customer advocacy”, a perception by customers that the financial institution is attempting to do what’s best for them and not just what’s best for the firm’s bottom line.

The Mallett Group has worked with financial institutions, small and large, in developing and implementing successful loyalty strategies and programs. Our approach is simple. We start with the customer. What do they want and need, to what extent are they engaged, and where are the opportunities to develop a deeper relationship with them. Our methodology also includes a thorough understanding of where and how customer interactions drive incremental profit and cost. The result is strategic advice and program recommendations that enhance customer loyalty and improve financial performance.

Our expertise and experience includes:

  • Customer Loyalty Strategy
  • Loyalty Program Development
  • Co-Brand Strategy and Program Development
  • Social Media Strategy and Integration
  • Technology Assessment, Selection and Deployment
  • Partnership Marketing
  • Loyalty Program Optimization
  • Program Measurement and Analysis

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