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Executive Leadership Team

Marc E. Berman

CEO, Managing Partner

Marc’s first love? A beautiful 1967 MGB-GT. Two engines later, suffice it to say, he had to move on. Now Marc enjoys driving his “new” 1976 MGB, still on its first engine. Live and learn. Marc currently lives with his wife, Ann, in Dover, MA. They have one daughter.

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Steve Arsenault

COO, Managing Partner

Steve and his wife, Laura, recently spent a year in Munich, Germany; living near the Alps was a bit of a dream come true for the couple who enjoy skiing and hiking. Now living in back in the States they keep up their active lifestyle but still make time to travel to Germany a couple of times a year to catch up with friends and see the sights. Steve and Laura live in Berwyn, PA and have three grown sons.

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Joseph S. Mammano

Chairman Emeritus

Joe’s creativity is unleashed in his woodworking shop. You can see his handiwork on display at The Manor. The half-moon windows installed in the attic? Hand-crafted by Joe. He and his wife, Christine, spend their free time entertaining friends, gardening and traveling.

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