See Something? Say Something.


If you’ve been in an airport recently you’ve heard it.

“See something? Say something.”

As a passenger, you take it to mean a random backpack with no apparent owner, a weird interaction with another passenger asking you to carry a package or bag for them, or any interaction that makes you feel “something is wrong.” As a passenger you are on alert for such an event and most of us would find a gate agent or security guard to report to.

What if you aren’t certain what you are seeing is wrong? A missing screw, loose flap, dripping fluid? “Of course,” you might think, “If I can see it, so can the mechanics and flight crew. I’m sure it’s nothing.” But it might not be nothing. It might be something very important.

A July article on offers up some compelling information regarding specific instances where “See something? Say something.” was not only a motto but a (possibly) life-changing action.

The Mallett Group’s own Marc Berman is quoted in the article. Do you agree with his assessment of why many people don’t speak up when perhaps they should? It’s interesting¬†to¬†consider the real-life situations presented and think, “What would I do?”

What would you do? Would you say something if you saw something?