One Client’s Answer to Secure Payment Solutions

With record numbers of security breaches in the news, it makes sense to consider whether the loyalty, rewards and incentive programs your company offers and the companies you do business with are up to the challenge of protecting your members’ personal information.

Does your company offer loyalty, rewards or incentive programs with online point redemption for purchases? Have you considered how secure this redemption process actually is?

The Mallett Group’s client, LRG, addresses secure payment solutions in their recent blog post.

In it, Len Covello writes, “Within the loyalty and rewards industry, a recent research report by professional services firm Deloitte found that travelers are losing faith in the ability of hotels and airlines to effectively protect loyalty program data.”

Leaked passwords, id’s and log-in information are becoming a common occurrence and include some of the biggest retailers and online businesses. How can your company be sure your customers are safe?

LRG has a unique approach to handling personal information, or not really handling it at all…see what I mean on the LRG Rewards blog.

If you have any questions or would like more information about LRG Rewards and LRG secure payment solutions, please contact The Mallett Group 860-350-0809 or email Stephanie at srufa(at)mallettgroup(dot)com.

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