June 2011

The Mallett Group is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Leslie Dukker Doty, President of BFF Loyalty, Inc., to expand its Consulting Financial Services practice. Ms. Doty brings over 20 years of financial services marketing and consulting experience. Together, combining The Mallett Group’s extensive rewards and loyalty expertise with BFF Loyalty’s deep experience in global payments, the two companies will focus on evaluating, enhancing and improving customer engagement strategies to drive revenue optimization for Financial Institutions and their Partners. This will include new and existing co-brand payments programs, customer behavioral economics, digital rewards and loyalty strategies as well as other revenue generating opportunities.

Both Marc Berman, President of The Mallett Group and Leslie Dukker Doty, President of BFF Loyalty, Inc. will be moderating tracks and panels at the Co-Brand 2011 conference in Toronto on October 12 and 13.

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